Made and executed this 10th November 2015


Bhoruka Charities-Bhoruka Group-Corporate Social Responsibility C/O- Bhoruka Gases Ltd, Plot No.5A & 6, Doddanekundi Indl area, Whitefield Road, Mahadevapura, and Bangalore-56004.Represented by Mr. Ramesh.V.Sasanur CEO as authorized signatory (Herein after called or referred to as (Bhoruka Charities)) of the First Party.

Bhoruka Group –CSR/Bhoruka Welfare Profile

Bhoruka as an Industrial group has been in the field for the last more than four decades with the activities spread across the country. The foundation Shri P. D. Agarwal who was a great philanthropist and humanitarian felt that industrial houses must look beyond Profitability of the companies and care for the underserved and under-privileged people especially in the rural areas. During his lifetime number of educational institutions and socio-economic activities got started. After him his able son Shri S. N. Agarwal and his wife Smt. Uma Agarwal with great vigor and enthusiasm carried his will forward.

Bhoruka Group has made it clear in its mission statement that it would set aside 5% of its profit for welfare activities( Health ,Education, Institutional building and livelihood susutainable,skill development) To carry on its social responsibility it has established four trusts namely, Bhoruka Charities, Prabudhan Rural Development Trust, Vikasanum education trust and Umah foundation.


BAIF Institute for Rural Development – Karnataka, a Society registered under the Karnataka Societies Act 1960 (Registration No. 91/80‑81, Dated 13‑05‑1980) having correspondence address at P.B.No.3, Sharadanagara, Tiptur-Hassan Road, Tiptur – 572202, Tumkur District, Karnataka, duly represented by its authorized signatory Executive Vice Chairman (herein after called or referred to as BIRD-K) of the second Party.

Where BIRD–K above named has been carrying on laterlia the scientific, research and development activities in the field of Agriculture, Animal Sciences and promoting cattle cross breeding through artificial insemination with a view to improve milch cattle and thereby provide gainful self employment to rural people.  And whereas, for the development of these activities and other allied activities, BIRD–K and Bhoruka Charities have the common objective to motivate and strengthen the people’s organizations and are desirous of entering into an MOU for promoting rural development activities.  The salient features of which are as follows:

  1. Bhoruka Charities is willing to depute the selected candidates for training purposes to BIRD-K with the terms and conditions detailed here under.
  2. That the minimum qualification of the candidate for training as Artificial Insemination Technician (AIT) will be under-graduate or preferably science graduate.
  3. The age of candidates deputed to training purpose will be minimum 20 years and Maximum 25 years.
  4. The duration of the training will be from 3 to 6 months depending upon the individual requirement of the candidates and the capacity of the candidate to learn the A.I. Skills.
  5. The batch of minimum 25 candidates will be trained for 3 to 6 months.
  6. A suitable work plan and time schedule convenient to BIRD-K will be developed by BIRD-K giving consideration to the recruitment, development and training of the human resources.
  7. The charges and the expenses for selection of candidates and conducting the training programmers by BIRD-K will be borne by Bhoruka Charities and paid as an advance in full.
  8. Any negotiations or changes in the remuneration to self-employed youths are to be done in consultation with BIRD-K.
  9. BIRD-K reserves the right to discontinue or suspend or disallow of extension training of any candidate if the progress of training is unsatisfactory.
  10. Bhoruka Charities role will be effective monitoring and evaluation, research studies and impact assessment.
  1. On the completion of training, the self employed youth will be oriented to establish multi activity cattle breeding centers at such locations jointly selected by BIRD-K and Bhoruka Charities.
  2. The centers will be equipped with all the necessary equipment required for smooth operation of multi activity cattle breeding programme. The required equipment will be procured by BIRD-K from the funds released by Bhoruka Charities, in advance.  However, the equipment will remain the property of the Bhoruka Charities and will be handed over to them at the end of the programme.  The Bhoruka Charities will be willing to replace the equipment especially the nitrogen containers whenever they are damaged in the routine course of working.
  3. BIRD-K will undertake to supply semen and nitrogen without any break to ensure continuous service to the farmers. To ensure quality of services the Bhoruka Charities without prior written consent from BIRD-K will not procure any of the technical inputs like semen, which may affect the programme output.
  4. The technical breeding programme will be as per the Karnataka state breeding policy and BIRD-K will be solely responsible for implementing the technical programme.
  5. The details of fixed costs required for establishing the centers is given in Annexure –II. The details of the roles and responsibilities of the two parties are given in Annexure – III.
  6. The funds required as details in the said Annexures for the programme will be released to BIRD-K, six months in advance. BIRD‑K will submit to Bhoruka Charities, audited statements of accounts within three months of the completion of financial year i.e. by June 30th.
  7. The cost of equipment and motorcycles will be borne by Bhoruka Charities.
  8. BIRD-K gives an assurance that it shall extend its co-operation and necessary help to Bhoruka Charities from time to time.
  9. Bhoruka Steels abides by this MOU not to discontinue their participation in the project for 5 years under any circumstances and to extend their assurance that all other activities other than the ones included in the aforesaid project shall be carried out by Bhoruka Charities from time to time on their own without shifting any burden whatsoever to BIRD-K.
  10. BIRD-K gives an undertaking that in case of any of above which leads to partial or total discontinuation of the project without giving three months notice to the second Party i.e. Bhoruka Charities, will have every right to take legal action against the First Party for recovery of advance if any.
  11. The Bhoruka Charities gives an undertaking that if any violation of any of the above mentioned clauses leads to discontinuance of assistance provided by BIRD-K. The Bhoruka Charities shall be liable for legal action by BIRD-K as deemed fit against The Bhoruka Charities, for recovery of the outstanding dues, if any.
  12. For efficient operation of the program, smooth flow of funds is very essential. In the event of any delay in release of funds for any reason, thereby affecting the programme, BIRD-K may choose to continue to operate the programme for achieving the desired results.  The Bhoruka Charities will agree to pay the dues at the earliest possible time with interest rate of 10% per annum on the amount overdue.

Any changes in this MOU can be effected with mutual consent of both the parties.

Entered into this MOU jointly at Bengaluru on 10 November 2015 in witness whereof the parties mentioned hereto have set their signatures herein.  There are three Annexure to this MOU.


(Sri. B.K. Kakade)                                                           Ramesh.V.Sasanur

Executive Vice Chairman                                                Chief Executive officer

BIRD-K                                                                            Bhoruka Charities




Witness                                                                           Witness




  1. BIRD–K
  1. To assist the Bhoruka Charities, to select willing youths/personnel for self employment in Artificial Insemination services.
  2. To provide training to selected youths in Artificial Insemination technique & cattle improvement extension work.
  • To establish the multi activity A.I. Centers by employment of adequate personnel / technicians and then to carry out the field A.I. activity through the promising trained personnel for their self employment.
  1. To organize promotional activities.
  2. To arrange for the timely supply of the critical inputs for the Centres to ensure good conception rates and quality of progeny the semen will be essentially procured from BAIF central Research Station, Urulikanchan. However, Liquid Nitrogen can be produced from the most convenient place.  The supply arrangement will be exclusively made by BIRD-K to ensure timely supply of the same.
  3. To improve technical supervision, advise consultancy, techno administrative support and coordination for the activity.
  • To motivate the local cattle breeder’s organization and initiate integrated development work.
  1. Bhoruka Charities/Bhoruka Group-CSR
  1. To identify the area for cattle improvement activity
  2. To provide infrastructural facilities and equipments for the Multi activity Centres.
  • To provide financial assistance to cover the cost of training of personnel and operation of the Centre in collaboration with the local body.
  1. To liase with the Govt. of Karnataka and other organizations for promoting various development activities in operational area.
  2. To arrange the supply, if essential, of cattle feed and other critical inputs such as health care on cost basis.